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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Speaking of Cheese Dips

Major crisis here on the home front.

I am a voracious consumer of white Mexican cheese dip. I travel to the local El Rancherito, belly up to the bar (no smart-aleck comments, please), and ask for a shot of the stuff far more times than I should. But here's the deal...I can not duplicate this tasty food item for home consumption for anything!

I've probably spent +$200.00 purchasing varying types of cheese that purport to deliver the delicious goods. But they don't. I've purchased and melted all manner of expensive Mexican cheeses from my groceries cooling shelves. I've tried white American cheese mixed with other stuff. I've looked online and typed in any and all "keyword" searches to can imagine. To no avail. So here it is.....for the love of all that is holy!!!!! Somebody tell me where I can purchase that fine, smooth, tasty white dip that is served in restaurants.

No cheese that melts into a greasy ball.
No cheese that has a funky grainy texture.
No cheese that is orange or off-yellow.

Just give me the stuff like they have at El Rancherito. (And yes, I've asked and they're not sharing their secret.)

Email me immediately and if it cuts the Jules Cheese Mustard, I'll post it for the entire world.


  1. Cheese! How I love cheese and how it HATES me! How I envy your love affair...
    So glad to see you blogging girl!

  2. Jules in blogland! I love it! Keep writing so I can keep visiting...

  3. Hey! I just checked out your sight to email you and saw your blog! I talked to you at the Hearts at Home conference this year and told you about our adoption of our son from Guatemala. You were just with my sister Megan at the ICRS show - she was with Jill. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we finally got our CALL and we will be going to pick up our baby in the next few weeks!! I love you and your books!

    You can check out our adoption story at my blog:

    Thanks for all you do! Oh, and I'm pretty sure you can buy that delicious white cheese at Fiesta you have that restaurant around you?? :)