Friday, September 27, 2013

I Don't Do Devotions

Paging All Morning Devotions Rebels and/or Slackers!! 

Don't know about you but I've always been a Morning Devotions rebel--actually, I shudder at the term "devotions." Why? Too, too, too! prescriptive and scripted for my learning & teaching style liking. Especially when said devos fall into a fill-in-the-blank booklet or, "What is God telling you to do, think, say, RIGHT NOW! pressure. Uh, "Put this devotion down while my blows up?" :)

Not.gonna.happen. (Just ask some of my college roommates.)
Hence the Slacker state of my mornings.

I've found my focus groove over the years and know I learn, consider, and INHALE the teaching of Scripture and the application thereof, most effectively by the process of listening--note taking--and mulling thoughts that are magnificently deeper, broader, and challenging than the sad little manufactured response I feel pressured to scribble down on that blasted "fill-in-the-blank" line. :) 

As such, I invite you to join me and Dr. Ravi Zacharias for ANYTHING BUT mundane, pedestrian, or dull. Plus, the compelling cadence and inflection of Dr. Z's voice is such that he could say, 

     "I love bologna sandwiches,"

And you'd be all, "Oooooh, that's deep."  

Devo Option That Won't Make Your Head Explode - Let My People Think w/Dr. Ravi Zacharias