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Sunday, September 9, 2007


I watched the opening and just finished reading through a dozen or so "reviews" regarding Britney Spear's Sunday night come-back performance on the MTV Video Music awards in Las Vegas.


From the moment her eyes made contact with the camera, every Tough cell in me wanted to jump through the fiber optic cables (and/or whatever gets the image from there to here) and rescue a young woman imploding moment by moment on stage. To rescue a young mother of two little boys with words of hope and One Tough Mother truth.

The magazines, gossip sites, and sorry stand-up comedians who have reveled in her fall will no doubt continue with their vapid, useless, and soul-killing comments. But for those who have known grace (and please tell me we are many) there was no thrill or glee noting her...

vacant eyes,
lethargic and stilted dance moves,
forced, tired and over-played sexuality.

So, today, as you're going about your routine, mundane, and oh-so-blessed everyday life as a mom, think of Britney and pray for her. Pray for all the details which we need not know about via Star magazine or Pray for her own mother, Lynne Spears, and for their relationship. Pray Britney will discover her true worth apart from sculpted abs or the fleeting acclaim of an audience.


  1. that is such a fresh way to view the entertainment industry... as a Christian should. thanks for reminding us to pray for the person behind the image.

  2. I saw her "performance" the next day and as a mom, wanted to throw a blanket around her and wisk her offstage.Jesus would have shown this girl compassion, love, and tenderness.....she needs a good kick in the behind, yes...but with compassion! As do so many young ladies in the spotlight recently.
    Role models-NO. Hurting young people who need the Lord and loving people to show Him to them-YES.
    I wish I could get to her with my blanket....but I bet they wouldn't let me near her! lol ( Also, I'm a few states away, hate to fly, and no real time to vacation right now.....anyone else out there able to accomplish this ???)