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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Wish List (may or may not require actual cash purchase)

  • Lifetime subscription to Publishers Weekly.
  • A sound machine that truly masks hotel noises.
  • Improvisation training with the guys from Who's Line Is It.
  • $100.00 weekly credit at Barnes & Noble for reference material (and occasional Allure magazine.)
  • MacBook Pro (as lightweight as possible) loaded with a gadzillion bytes of MacPro-stuff which can NOT be messed around with and/or otherwise inadvertently erased by a twelve-year old formerly referred to as "my son."
  • All my lost email files, folders, and sub-folders; see also, above
  • Lifetime working relationship with patient GeekSquad type man or woman who can teach me how to use (i.e. turn on) my MacBook Pro
  • Ditto patient Blackberry type
  • All published works/writing/musings of:
    • Dr. Francis Schaeffer
    • Frederick Buechner
    • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • 7N580 Wagontire Rd., St. Charles, IL (Hey, every girl needs a place to call home)
  • Airbrush make-up tool for use with High-Def cameras and TV screens.
  • In-home studio tricked out with all the broadcasting tools and high-quality details for recording and hosting a radio show
  • Official home office completely set apart from the rest of my domestic domain (i.e. a place I can lock the door and no one can get in!)
  • Warehousing all print/audio/video material with a third party; no more shipping details! no more delivery fiasco!
  • Hire top-tier people to produce branding media concepts (which are about to make my brain explode.)
  • Snappy set of virtually indestructible "I Can Spot It Four Conveyor Belts Away!" lime green luggage.
  • A new Bible--a retro version with wide margins and blank pages for documenting life, faith, and everything in-between
  • Lifetime supply of Pepsi
  • Entire audio teaching library of Dr. James MacDonald
  • 300 cc's of Restylane

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