Thursday, August 25, 2011

Praying for You

 So many responded to my FB post: What are YOUR needs and how can I pray for you? It is my joy to do just that.


  1. well golly, if someone offers to pray for me,of course I am going to take them up on it! I would love prayer to overcome fear in my life through Christ. I sense it controlling me and I know that it is not in its right place. Thank you Julie!

  2. Hello, my sister!
    That blog blessed with messages important to us. I'm brazilian and I am happy to know your blog. It good to see his dedication to pray for others.
    How good we can be in communion even from afar I Am part of a global network of women of prayer, of a ministry called daughters of Sarah.
    We have many requests there for prayer and would like to send you to pray along with many other women.
    Please send your e-mail by my e-mail:
    Grace and peace of Christ!