Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Tired Mother

Sorry for going under-the-radar these past few weeks!

My family is moving to the Chicago area and the extent of my creative writing has been a thick-line Sharpie on heavy-gauge boxes noting "BASEMENT" or "OFFICE." I'm walking around like the Hunchback of Prairie City as I've filled box after box with book after book after book after book.
I have a veritable reference library and fully intend to purchase enough book shelves to display them all upon settling in our new home.

So, my cyber-friends, I beg your continued patience as we move this coming Friday, set up house, and get the 8th grader in school on the 27th and the two college age spawnlings on the road to gainful employment and college courses. I shall do my best to get back in the posting groove post Labor Day.

Until then, enjoy the days and nights with those you love.


  1. oh, i just TODAY had the entire contents of my house packed into a moving truck. i SO feel your pain--literal and figurative.

    one of the purchases i'm looking forward to making is a 6-foot by 6-foot bookcase from IKEA--it'll be a room divider & a bookcase/toy storage. (EXPEDIT, $199 in the '08 catalog) clearly, i'm excited about it...and i love to recommend it.

    i look forward to hearing how your move goes.

    blessings from houston, tx!

  2. Welcome to Chicagoland! Hope to see you around the place sometime!