Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Too Blessed 2B Stressed"...oh, shut-up, already

Be honest: don't you get tired (and a wee-bit cynical, fed-up, and/or weary) of all the bossy mental health "Buck up, Buttercup!" directives flashing about on FB? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes it'd be nice to read: "Today Stunk and It Was Everyone's Fault But Yours." If you're blessed, but still stinkin' stressed (thank-you very much!), listen in and discover you're not alone...Buttercup.

1 comment:

  1. Love this. Life's not so tied up and tidy all the time, is it? Thanks for the refreshing view today!

    Your funny approach to the vicissitudes of life has always grabbed me because honestly, it's what we're all thinking anyway but we rarely just SAY it. I remember once hearing you at a Moms conference in Illinois when you read a "real" Christmas letter. Hilarious.

    Keep entertaining and teaching and enlightening us. You're GOOD.