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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time Passages

This morning or afternoon/evening as it may be for many of my International friends photograph & take in, really take in, the facial features, cheesy grins, and scowling frowns of your little ones. Commit them to memory; sear each one into 
your frazzled Mommy mind. 

And then wait...5, 10, and even twenty-years.

Travel the bumpy crazy road of parenting and when you are older, perhaps a bit wiser, slow down, rest, and gaze again upon each one. And you will see (how did you ever miss it?!) peeking from just behind each gummy, drooling, toothless grin; each smiling documented proof of first steps, proud rolling over back to tummy, lost toothth, hard won trophies, and successful (at last!) over-night stay with Papa & Nana, the amazing son or daughter standing before you today.

Happy 24th Birthday Sweet Girl! 

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