Monday, March 31, 2014

Has The Cheese Fallen Off Your Cracker?

Are you looking for Solace? If so, be encouraged as I'm pulling together a late-Summer, early-Fall getaway which is looking more and more likely to happen. Varying locale options: gorgeous non-Gulf front home only short drive to beaches--enclosed pool and hot tub; townhouse only steps from Sanibel shore; and possible spot along the AL Gulf Shore should we choose to spread our shells and try.
Solace, A Respite for Women Whose Cheese Has Fallen Off Their Cracker 

Okay, you just have to know this is my Sweet Spot and the prospect of meeting those of you who are desperate for Solace, well, I'm sitting here in my still-cold-at-the-end-of-March living room writing and alternately smiling like a goofball; having heart palpitations; and getting a bit weepy. 

Initial Details (in progress):

  • 4, to (no more than) 8 women; possibly 3-days, most likely 5-days.
  •  Low-key "Stay and Savor" ambiance which allow you to exhale--perhaps for the first time in months, if not years.
  • Giving yourself over to the unforced rhythm of Restorative Respite via shelling, spiritual direction, laughter, good food, more laughter, more shelling and telling your story. 

  •  Solace pricing will include lodging; meals; one breakfast at 'The Heavenly Biscuit'; and ticket for Captiva Cruise shelling trip to Cayo Costa State Park
  • Solace pricing will NOT include airfare or rental car expense. (It's possible, given the intimate number of women attending that airport pick-ups may be a possibility. It'll depend on airport location and having a body other than my own [Julie] available to drive.) Depending on accommodation and parking availability there could be an add'l parking charge for said rental cars. All such details will be nailed down prior to event date. Airports include: Punta Gorda, FL; Tampa, FL; and Fort Meyers, FL.
  • Bike rentals as well as scooters and Segways are available for individual use on the Island.
  • Plenty of free time for you to discover the Island--again, "unforced"

Embrace the Unforced Rhythm of Restoration 
is the key word so understand I [Julie] will not have a day-to-day calender loaded with must-do's. (Other than the Captiva Cruise which is optional--but cost covered if one decides to explore this uninhabited shelling bonanza.)

  • Some meals and a run to Pinnocchio's ice cream may be eaten out and those will be the responsibility of each individual.


God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit is at work in, with, and for, you. Always. 

Some sites to whet your appetite: (LOVE Associate Pastor Barb Nave!) (who doesn't want to see dolphins jumping alongside a fast moving vessel?!)
— feeling Like This Is What I'm Made To Do.

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  1. How wonderful! Looks like the perfect vacation! :-)