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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Biblical (and Reasoned) Perspective on Current Events in the Mid East

Mr. Joel Rosenberg consistently offers sound teaching on all things biblical prophecy and personal responsibility when considering the world in which we live. Got Middle East Questions? Listen Here!

Always remember, never to forget, these two words my Friends, when it comes to biblical prophecy, the Return of Jesus Christ, and all that is and will continue to tran

spire: Frequency and Intensity. All that thousands of generations have seen and experienced before this present age has and will to continue--with this caveat: an increase in frequency and an increase in intensity. As this occurs, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the Mid East in its entirety, and LIFT UP YOUR EYES for as these things transpire the Redemption and Redeemer of mankind is drawing ever closer. If the thought of such an encounter makes you nervous, angry, or scared, private message and I would like nothing more than to speak with you regarding Jesus Christ.

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