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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let It Go, Monica.

Dear Monica Lewinsky, (((warm maternal-like-you're-my-daughter-yet-boldly-honest-like-I'm-your-mom-or-older-sister hug)))...

Don't do it. Let it go. The book. The "details." All of it. Relinquish. 
You--your essence and intrinsic worth--are of (far) greater value than the fleeting monetary accumulation of dollars and notoriety this publishing advance will bring to the doorstep of your soul. 

t which your heart, body, and spirit aches to receive (if reports are to be believed): to be cherished; tenderly nurtured and esteemed by one above all others? Quite frankly, no word count or royalty number will satisfy. Let it go. Close the door and throw away the keys on that particular door leading back to your past as your worth supersedes it all. 


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